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sennder partnered with DKV to offer you an exclusive fuel card. Free of monthly charges, sennder's pooled volume hands you incomparable fuel saving conditions.

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Use 50,000+ stations

Gain access to DKV's vast fuel

station network - close to your base and all across Europe.

Save up to 12 cents / liter

Take advantage of exclusive

fuel saving conditions and

increase your profits.

Pay 28 days later

Refuel today – and get valuable

liquidity by paying later. All costs will be included in a consolidated invoice.

  • FAQ

  • The fuel cards allow you and your company’s employees to refuel at all petrol stations in DKV’s vast network. Employees can simply use the fuel card instead of paying with cash or credit/debit card. This way, you company is billed directly and you receive a consolidated invoice for all your fuel purchases.

  • The fuel card can be used by any sennder partner legally registered in Europe, regardless of fleet size. After you submit your application for the fuel card, your designated account manager will help you with the onboarding process which will take no longer than a day and requires absolutely no commitments on your side. If you then choose to, you can carry out transports in partnership with sennder – the leading digital freight forwarder in Europe. Whether you are an SME or a large company, we can issue fuel cards for your entire fleet to efficiently manage your fuel usage. Unfortunately, we do not offer fuel cards to private individuals or companies with vehicles not suited for road freight transports.

  • In order to get the sennder DKV fuel card all you need to do is apply by filling-in the form at the top of the page. We will then contact you to outline the next steps, onboard you as a sennder partner, answer any questions you might have and gather some information about your fleet in order to tailor the contract to your specific needs. You can be holding the sennder DKV cards in your hands in no more than 10 business days.

  • The sennder DKV card can be used for cash-free fuel at over 50,000 petrol stations in more than 42 countries throughout Europe. Join our fleet and benefit from one of the largest service networks in Europe!

    For additional information visit DKV’s designated station finder:

    DKV station finder

  • Our fuel card offers numerous benefits to our business users. Those include: access to high quality fuel for your trucks, incomparable fuel saving conditions of up to 12 cents per litre, improved efficiency by providing you with one consolidated invoice for all of your costs, a toll repayment scheme, invaluable liquidity by giving you the ability to pay 28 days later, and of course unlimited fuel cards for all of your employees with no fixed or hidden costs.

sennder offers fair prices as well as fast and reliable payment terms.

Fast payment terms

We bring you back home

We are making sure that you will have a tour back home and thus reduce your amount of empty kilometers.

24/7 personal contact

No matter if day or night, we will make sure that we will solve all your issues and answer all your questions.

Regular transports

Regular tours and transports improve your planning capability throughout the year as well as reduce your effort of finding new transports.

Joining our team will not only make you part of sennder's success story but will also allow you to benefit from the wide range of advantages we are offering.

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